About OutSmart

We are independent wind asset experts.

Founded in 2006 by three Dutch wind energy experts, OutSmart is a significant independent Wind Asset Operations Management specialist in north-western Europe today. With 50+ people and various offices in Europe, we are dedicated to assist wind farm owners, fund managers and wind project companies to maximise the revenues of their wind assets. As part of Deutsche Windtechnik we create an even broader range of services to meet the individual needs and interests of different operators and investors.

We are proud that so many customers trust us with their 270+ onshore and offshore wind assets (1.6 GW in total) in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.

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  • adaptive continuously improving and open to ‘the new’…
  • pragmatic think and act at the same time…
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Make wind energy profitable!

As independent wind asset experts, we want to challenge investors, funds and project companies to think beyond the ‘traditional’ approach in wind asset management.

Because we are convinced that our insights and practical experience will make a difference in the way we shape the future of wind energy. Always taking an honest and entrepreneurial position, we strive to make our customers return on investment highly rewarding. From an integral and overall technical, organisational and financial perspective, our know-how, models and concepts ensure operational excellence and profound grip on the revenues and profitability of wind assets.

OutSmart is dedicated to offer best-of-industry wind asset operations management solutions in north-western Europe.

Our vision

Climate change and our energy dependency of (geo)politically unstable regions are significant threats to our future. We need to secure our energy supply for the long term! Each country needs to establish the right mix of energy from renewable sources, also taking into account the energy situation on the respective continent.

Being a company with Dutch roots, we believe that wind energy offers a high potential in the total mix of renewable energy. Specifically to European countries. Because it is a reliable energy source, it contributes to strategic strength, it drives sustainable growth for the long term and it creates jobs.

However, if we want to meet the ambitious goals we set towards renewable energy – and in particular regarding wind energy – it is time that we enter the next phase in the wind market maturing process: independence from subsidies.

To take that next step, we need to counteract the inefficient way we operate our wind farms! That demands more focus on tomorrow…

It is time we enter the next phase in the wind market maturing process, and shift in how we think and act today!

We also make time to educate the project managers of tomorrow.

For HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem / Nijmegen, the Netherlands) we developed an international minor study: Wind Energy Project Management. This minor deals with the construction, utilisation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. It is a unique study designed for Engineering and Economic Management students.

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