We take care of the management of your wind and solar farms

We are there for you and for your projects. It is our mission to predict and thus maximise the return of your renewable projects in the short and medium term. We do this for various investors, owners, energy cooperatives and fund managers of wind and/or solar parks. Together with you, we ensure that your sustainable investment performs optimally. We do this by applying our knowledge and/or experience to the operational management of your wind and/or solar park. Our operational management focuses on reducing costs, identifying, and minimising risks and optimising returns.


Your independent partner

We are independent. We do not own any wind or solar farms. However, we do have an organisation that is fully geared to effective business operations, with specialists who monitor your sustainable investment (on a daily basis) in a professional and transparent manner. Because we are not the owner, we have no other interest than your interest. Together with you, we define common goals in advance and inform you actively and transparently about the results of the project. The starting point for our vision is compliance.

Innovations and IT

We continuously develop and invest in smart (software) solutions with our own IT-team. We have a modular method/approach for integrating the business operations of your renewable project into our systems and implementing the underlying contracts quickly and professionally. Our unique IT infrastructure enables us to directly translate changing circumstances in legislation and regulations into business operations. And to automate repetitive processes. This set-up is a direct translation of our philosophy: "Stay small and flexible, work smart and do more with less people".

"OutSmart - Verb. : Beat through cleverness and wit"