Our Experience
You are welcome to contact us for further details on all projects or client references below.

Make wind energy profitable

At OutSmart we have a clear vision on how you ensure return on investment of wind energy projects for the long term. Over the years we developed a proven approach on how to maximize profit over a lifetime of 25+ years and ensure the integrity of your assets for optimal performance all the way.

Below is an overview of a selection of projects we were involved in and the role and kind of support we delivered. If you require more background information or references, please contact us for further details.

Make wind energy profitable

Offshore projects we have been involved in:


Source maps : WAB Windenergie Agentur

  • Along with the concepts provided by you, we managed to realize an effective ramp-up phase of our offshore windfarm operations, without going through lengthy learning curves. WindMW GmbH Stefan Klett | Head of Operations & Maintenance
  • It is our pleasure to recommend the HSE management services of Outsmart. In particular the project HSE management for LWT101 illustrates their attention to detail, professionalism and concern for quality. Leitwind AG / SPA Alexander Pescollderungg | Head of Project Management
  • The OutSmart team deliverd tailored expertise to both support us in practical challenges during the construction and also in continuously building up know-how in our team. OutSmart helped to improve the total Windfarm for the coming years Eneco Wind B.V. Arjan Hamoen-Kleerekoper | Project Manager
  • Along with the concepts provided by OutSmart, we managed to realize an effective ramp-up phase of our activities with steeper learning curves. After winning the concessions, the assistance in setting up the engineering strategy was done in a professional manner in a short period. Éoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport Raphael Tilot | Project Director