Knowledge Domain Experts

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We have a lean and mean organization with 45 employees, who are each specialist in their professional discipline. We operate from three countries: The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. We are a daughter company of Deutsche Windtechnik and work close together on technical solutions for wind turbines.

Knowhow, is not a matter of copy-paste, but is being established over time. We continuously invest in our position as frontrunner in the market.  We have been doing that since 2008: we have learned many lessons from complex situations in harsh conditions.

We develop and improve our way or working continuously, therefor we invest in training and education of our employees. We see them as carriers, users and developers of high-quality knowhow. Through this we can keep building on our IT infrastructure: with Big Data, Machine Learning and Digital Twins. We aim to automate all our knowledge and experience (organization learning).

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