Solar Power Plant Management
News July 6, 2018

OutSmart has an inhouse O&M concept, which coops with the following important Solar/PV trends:

  • Accelerated professionalization of the solar market due to increasing project size. From PV panels to PV power plants (10 MW+)
  • The reduction or even discontinuation of subsidies puts pressure on the business case. Focus on both CAPEX AND OPEX is required to reduce LCoE.
  • EPC contractors focus mainly on DNP period as part of their EPC obligations. During and after DNP period Asset Owners have the challenge to implement an alternative and more cost effective O&M solution.
  • More Direct Offtake Agreements, therefore increasing focus on performance and reliability management.

Below you will find a detailled outline of our alternative solutions, result, approach and impression of Solar operations.