Our Services

Strategy Modelling

Executive level management decisions in the context of a young industry with complex challenges at different levels are not an easy task. We open up new horizons and help you to make the right choices when technology is translated into cost, risk and value, and back into road maps and practical measures for execution.

  • Operations & Maintenance Strategy

    The main challenge for asset owners and investors is: How do you maximize your ROI of your wind energy project(s) over at least 25 years? What kind of organisational structure, technical requirements, IT requirements, risk management strategy and maintenance level should you choose to ensure your long-term strategic ambitions and objectives will be realized?

    Choose the right O&M model

    Our expertise comprises advice on risk control, cost efficiency and compliance management, processes to cover, setup of the organization and selection of supporting (IT) systems. With a helicopter view, we will help you to perform a Fit/Gap analysis and develop together a robust long-term O&M Strategy, compliant to your business objectives.

    What we do:

    • O&M Strategy Development (with the OutSmart Maturity Model)
    • Operational Excellence consultancy
  • Business Modelling

    Managing profitable wind farms requires sound planning and robust forecasts, respecting the business policy and (commercial) objectives.

    Develop a reliable business scenario

    We help you to develop business scenarios, we perform sensitivity checks and we help to create (better) cost awareness. We are experienced in both cross-checking existent models as well as the elaboration from scratch. Of course we work closely together with your business planner(s) and accounting firms where required. The input of our models are based on benchmark figures, best practices and our lessons learned from the young wind industry. All inputs are compiled to assumptions books, auditable by business planners (accountants). These inputs will be processed in our own Monte-Carlo simulations, to generate information on the EBITDA Margin and OPEX.

    What we do

    • Development of Policy and Objectives
    • Benchmarking
    • Monte-Carlo modelling of EBITDA Margin and OPEX
    • De-Risking
  • Due Diligence

    When considering to invest or participate in a wind project, you require comfort. To take advantage of growth and opportunity, you need predictable future revenues and insight into the risks and benefits. The right O&M concept and the least OPEX are essential.

    Increase the predictability of your OPEX and optimise your cash flow

    OutSmart’s due diligence analysis gives an independent, third party assessment of the technology and the risks associated with existing projects and projects under development. Our key strength is combining our experience and knowledge of project development, project finance, contracting, construction, operation and maintenance, both from a developer’s and manufacturer’s point of view.

    What we do:

    • Evaluate operational information
    • Benchmark existing O&M arrangements
    • Propose and evaluate potential O&M approaches
    • OPEX estimation
    • Assistance negotiations
    • Review vendor documentation
    • Identifying and mitigating key risks
We do this based on:
  • ISO 55001 (Principles of Asset Management within the context of the organization)
  • Long term experience recorded in our database with 800 identified risks for Onshore and Offshore wind assets.

We help you to challenge your business model to make it flawless.

Benchmark your business model to disclosure improvement opportunities.