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Whiffle weather finecasting selected by OutSmart for large scale wind power forecasting
News December 18, 2018

Whiffle weather finecasting selected by OutSmart for large scale wind power forecasting

Whiffle has been selected by OutSmart, the Energy Asset Experts, to provide weather and production forecasts for a portfolio of wind energy assets, including the 600 MW Gemini offshore wind park in the Netherlands.  

Whiffle, a spin out of the Delft University of Technology, has developed a unique breakthrough in the application of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) for operational weather forecasting based on high performance computing systems. The sophisticated ultra-high resolution weather model now includes the simulation of wind farms and clusters of wind farms to produce power output day-ahead forecasts for operations and trading purposes.

The Whiffle model provides a new element in the wind power forecasting arena in addition to existing large-scale weather models and statistical modelling techniques. The strength of the finecasting model is that the calculations remain very close to the laws of physics that dictate the processes in the real atmosphere and does not rely on modeling assumptions that are common in traditional weather models.

Remco Streppel of Outsmart: “OutSmart is known for the importance of predictability in operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets. This is particularly important for day-ahead power trading forecasts. Innovations are important to increase this predictability and our team has been working with Whiffle for some time to include this new technology in our services. This cooperation now results in a service contract and we look forward to continue the cooperation in other areas.”

Remco Verzijlbergh, director of operations of Whiffle: “We are very glad to have the confidence of a specialist asset management company like OutSmart, and to contribute to the success of renewable energy projects. Our models have proven to deliver high quality simulations of wind resources and operational day-ahead production forecasts. Our clients can benefit from lower risks and improved trading results.”

About Whiffle
Whiffle B.V. has been operational since 2016 and was started as a spin out of the Delft University of Technology. With its roots in science, the company has continued cutting edge R&D to further develop the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models and a unique implementation on high performance computing systems. This resulted in the world's first LES based operational weather model that can perform highly accurate and high-resolution weather forecasts. Application areas of Whiffle's model include wind and solar power projects, dispersion of air pollution, aviation and agriculture.

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About OutSmart
OutSmart, since 2008 active in the renewable energy sector, acts as frontrunner in the energy transition. The company is known and being asked for its “Power of Predictability”, meaning the ability to predict accurately in a pro-active and transparent way of collaboration and innovative solutions. OutSmart works for investors, owners, fund managers of renewable production assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) and for industrial off-takers of energy. The company has a lean and mean organization with 45 employees, who are each specialist in their professional discipline. It operates from three countries: The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. As a member of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group, they work close together on technical solutions for wind turbines.

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