Battery storage

OutSmart and battery storage

OutSmart and battery storage

There are more and more battery storage projects, and there are plans for many more. Batteries contribute to grid stability and are also used in combination with a wind or solar farm. Batteries now need to be permanently available and therefore it is necessary to continuously monitor the state of the batteries and respond adequately to any failures and alarms. OutSmart assists battery storage owners with operational management. The benefit: making maximum use of large-scale batteries and relieving you of all your worries, 24/7 365 days a year.

Years of experience in renewable energy

We have more than 15 years of experience in the operations of renewable energy projects in the Netherlands. We are happy to put this knowledge and experience to work for you. For a stand-alone project or for a combined project with wind, solar and/or storage. We work for investors and owners of storage systems. From our independent position, we help you keep an eye on risks and opportunities, and we set up your business operations in such a way that you are taken care of to the maximum: day and night!

Operations of battery storage

As an experienced asset manager, OutSmart provides with its services:

  • Safety on and around the project;
  • Increasing operational hours;
  • Monitoring of performance;
  • Integration with wind or solar energy;
  • Energy storage and deliveries to the grid.

Our role

We can perform the operational management of your storage project for you. Here the focus is on the operational phase and on the connection to the electrical infrastructure, possibly in combination with a wind and/or solar project. An important aspect here is risk management. To this end, we track and monitor the performance and condition of your project 24/7, 365 days a year.

The goal is that your battery storage is optimally available and ready to charge and discharge when contractually required. After all, you want to prevent/avoid unnecessary non-availability of batteries due to unscheduled maintenance, breakdowns or from safety aspects.

Power of predictability

OutSmart's Operations and Control Center provides accurate and continuous monitoring of your project's performance. We achieve this by using our own state-of-the-art IT systems or by leveraging the battery supplier's systems, whichever is most appropriate for your particular situation. Most importantly, all data collected remains your property, meaning you have complete control over the information generated by your project.

This data is then seamlessly linked to our IT tracking system, which is specifically designed for maintenance, safety and certification. This integration allows us to gain a comprehensive picture of your project's performance while ensuring the necessary measures are taken to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

We share the result of this monitoring and analysis with you in real time via a clear dashboard. This enables you to gain immediate insight into the performance of your project and to react quickly to any developments or problems. The dashboard provides a structured and understandable view of the data, allowing you to make the right decisions to optimize your project's performance.

In short, our Operations and Control Center guarantees thorough and proactive monitoring of your project, while keeping the collected data fully in your possession.This approach enables you to effectively manage and improve the operational efficiency, safety and performance of your project.

Data and insights

We also use the data and insights to control and negotiate with maintenance parties, power offtakersand suppliers. Our own data give us an edge in this. We know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done in your interest.

Because we have a clear picture and view of the performance of your project, there is a grip on costs, lifespan and expected maintenance. This ensures confidence, optimization of the result and assurance of safety. As an independent partner, we look beyond maintenance companies and suppliers in your interest.

In addition to 4 Gigawatts of wind and solar, OutSmart currently monitors 70 MW of energy storage projects.