About us

Operator of renewable assets

Scope of operations

OutSmart is an independent operator of renewable assets (wind, solar, storage).

Operations is a vital part of asset management. It is the management of the physical power plant (wind, solar, storage), its subcontractors and associated contracts. Operations must reflect the goals set in the business plan. The following goals are generally identified:

  • Ensuring a safe plant and working environment
  • Securing projected profits and improving if possible
  • Complying with the set requirements of the license to operate, grid code and legislation
  • Maximize performance
  • Ensuring/maintaining solid plant integrity and reliability.

OutSmart specializes in operating renewable assets and contributes to achieving these goals. We monitor the safety to operate and work and the performance of your renewable assets 24/7. This starts with solid and proven risk management. Renewable assets should have the highest availability possible, should perform as good as possible, and stopped for a limited time only for maintenance, breakdowns, safety issues or permit requirements. With our knowledge of operating renewable assets and its related processes, supported by specific software tools, we minimize such standstills and optimize the performance. We continuously look ahead and adjust where necessary.

Investors, owners, energy cooperatives and fund managers of renewable assets are our main clients. Our operational management focuses on reducing costs, identifying, and minimising risks and optimising returns.


At OutSmart we make our professional contribution to the energy transition. In doing so, we continuously improve with and for our clients and (their) stakeholders in supporting and making predictable real time and long-term performance of renewable assets, like wind and solar farms.

Our focus is to optimize asset utilisation: we ensure 100% compliance (license to operate), guarantee the technical reliability and integrity and - with our Power of Predictability - we limit technical risks and take mitigating measures. OutSmart does what it takes to maximize the commercial value of the (electricity) contracts.


Since 2008, we act as a frontrunner in the energy transition in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. With the rise of offshore wind, it became necessary to monitor traffic around offshore wind farms 24/7. This is why we started our Operations Control Center at Emden Heliport in Germany. This 24/7 service makes OutSmart unique, because we monitor all assets around the clock and are always available for emergencies, all year round.

Your independent partner

We are an independent operator and manage your assets as an owner’s representative. We do not own any assets, this is a strategic and conscious choice, so we have no other interest than your interest.

Together with you, we define common objectives in advance and inform you actively and transparently about the results of the project. The starting point for our joint vision is safety and compliance. From our independent position, we identify the risks and opportunities and organize our business operations in such a way that we provide you with maximum peace of mind.


Our 45 employees are all specialists in their own discipline. We are recognized by the market for our extensive knowledge and experience in the operational management of wind and solar farms. Our organisation is fully geared for effective business operations, with specialists who monitor your sustainable investment (on a daily basis) in a professional and transparent manner. For wind and for solar, on land and at sea.