Optimal operations

We predict the performance of your wind and solar farms

We believe that we should always do our utmost to improve the performance of your wind and solar farms! For the short and medium term. Why? Because it contributes to our climate goals, which are under pressure. Because lack of the adequate knowledge and experience is typically the main reason results do not meet forecasts. We understand how the right knowledge, experience and systems can substantially improve the yield of wind and solar farms. We are succesful since 2008.

On behalf of our clients, we have almost 4 GW in our portfolio: onshore and offshore wind projects and solar.

We keep control

The wind and solar energy market is maturing. Innovations follow each other rapidly and the performance of the technical systems continues to improve and become more impressive. But at the same time, the market price is fluctuating, and subsidies are being cut. We all feel the pressure to really realize our climate goals. Together with the wind and solar farms, OutSmart keeps a grip on the processes. OutSmart does this by limiting and anticipating risks as much as possible. This is what OutSmart calls optimal management.

We provide insight

Primarily, we are committed to your safety.

What do we monitor for you?

  • Your wind and solar farm. 24/7, 365 days a year; to quickly identify any areas of concern.
  • Your contract partners, to make potential risks as predictable as possible.
  • Your income and availability, to create stable long-term returns.
  • Technical and IT developments, to always stay up to date.

We understand your risks

It is important for business operations to limit risks as much as possible. Some of those risks are:

  • safety risks,
  • extensive prolonged downtime in your wind or solar farm,
  • contract risks,
  • disrupted energy supply at the grid connection point.

These are the most common risks in the operation of a wind farm. Therefore, OutSmart monitors and tracks the performance and status of the wind and solar farms in its portfolio throughout the year.

We reduce your costs

Good business practice also involves keeping costs down. In the case of wind and solar farms, this concerns maintenance, supply, and contract costs. By applying the right knowledge and a solid foundation, you can save a lot on these costs. Our experts keep your costs under control by:

  • own 24/7 monitoring,
  • controlling the maintenance parties,
  • support with contract management.

Predictable returns

With OutSmart as your specialized and independent operator and partner, the return on investment of your wind and solar farm becomes more predictable.