Due diligence

We identify technical and contractual risks

OutSmart carries out due diligence studies tailored to the potential buyer's requirements and depending on the stage of the project:

  • yet to be built,
  • in the construction phase or
  • already realized.

OutSmart can provide technical and contractual analyses of data room documents.

From their expertise, our consultants are able to translate technical and contractual issues into financial implications.

OutSmart provides input to the other due diligence specialists (legal, financial, tax) appointed by the potential buyer.

Support during the process

Based on the client's request, OutSmart will provide the following relevant due diligence support to the process:


Site evaluation of the project

  • safety and Environment of the project (including general site conditions, such as obstacles (wake effects), geotechnical (foundation) and social impact (noise and shadow flicker),
  • permits, including verification of SDE+ (subsidy conditions),
  • grid connection, capacity and expected grid losses,
  • project access during construction,
  • interface between manufacturer and owners during construction and operation.


Technical data evaluation

  • Wind/solar studies,
  • Connection of chosen equipment to local conditions,
  • Yield calculations and losses,
  • Certified power curve relative to studies.


Evaluation of contracts

  • EPC or Supply agreement, including availability guarantees, indemnities standard validation (i.e. Health and Safety Catalogue, NEN 3140, NEN 3840, NEN 61400),
  • Service and maintenance agreement (including availability guarantees and liquidated damages as applicable),
  • Grid connection agreement (ATO),
  • Power contract (PPA).


Assessment of project documents

  • Construction budget,
  • Construction planning milestones.

OutSmart performs these analyses based on available data room information and provides 1 draft report and 1 final report in pdf format, incorporating the above analyses and tested against practice. This report reports areas of concern ("red flags"). Upon request, OutSmart can attend expert meetings with the client for further clarification.