Wind energy

OutSmart and wind energy

Getting the most out of your wind farm. We do this together with you.

Since 2008, we gained experience in the technical and commercial management of wind farms. We are proud to put this knowledge and experience to work for you. Our goal: to maximize the return from your wind turbines while minimizing your risks.

From our independent position, we identify the risks and opportunities and organize our business operations in such a way that we provide you with maximum peace of mind.

We relieve and support wind co-operations, insurers, developers, investors, and private individuals. We continuously monitor the following elements for these parties: value, performance, and risk. In short: we take over the technical and commercial management of your wind farm for you.

Our role

We monitor the safety and performance of your wind farm. The basis of this is good and proven risk management. You want your wind turbines to be available and producing as much as possible and therefore not be unnecessarily stopped by maintenance, breakdowns, safety issues or permit requirements. With our knowledge of wind turbines and service processes, supported by specific software tools, we minimize such standstills. We continuously look ahead and adjust where necessary.

Power of predictability

A lot can be predicted during windfarm operations, both in the short and medium term. This includes weather and wind power forecasts, ice detection, cast shadow detection and maintenance. This is only possible by monitoring the performance of the wind turbines 24/7, 365 days a year and by interpreting this data properly. We use our own IT infrastructure for this. By sharing these results with you live via a clear dashboard, you can see the performance of your wind farm at any time.

We also use this data and these insights for monitoring and discussions with maintenance parties, offtakers users and suppliers. Our own data give us an advantage in this. We know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done.

With this reliable prediction, we have control over the costs and lifetime of the wind turbine and over the service providers. This creates trust, optimizes the operating result, and guarantees safety. We look beyond maintenance companies, suppliers, and offtakers.

Experience in wind

The market for renewable energy and wind farms has developed strongly over the past twenty years. In those years, we have specialized in operational management. In doing so, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience, which we have translated into our own services and specialisms. For wind energy these are:

  • Tailor-made technical and commercial operational management.
  • Safety on and around the turbines and wind farms.
  • Own work permit system.
  • Maximising operational hours.
  • Analysing and interpreting faults.
  • Contractual conditions.
  • Combination with solar energy and battery systems.
  • Energy storage and guaranteed deliveries to the grid.
  • Supporting special projects such as main component exchange.
  • Installation Responsible (NEN 3140 and NEN 3840).