Today, we take care of 0 MW of wind energy assets.

We are OutSmart, Energy Asset Experts, active in the renewable energy sector. We act as frontrunner in the energy transition market since 2008. We are known and are being asked for our Power of Predictability: the ability to predict accurately, our pro-active and transparent way of collaboration and our innovative solutions.

We work for investors, owners, fund managers of renewable production assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) and for industrial off-takers of energy.

We have a lean and mean organization with 45 employees, who are each specialist in their professional discipline. We operate from three countries: The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. We are a daughter company of Deutsche Windtechnik and work close together on technical solutions for wind turbines.

We believe that short and midterm efficiency can be predicted well and can be influenced, despite the harsh conditions the renewable energy sector face. We enable ourselves to deal with these characteristics and with success: we are market leader in Northwest Europe and have long relationships with our clients.

Power of Predictability

We provide production optimizations for renewable energy assets and trade power for the optimum power price available. Our customer base is: investors, owners and fund managers of renewable production assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) and industrial off-takers of energy.

We act independently and cover the whole lifecycle of renewable energy assets: we Facilitate, Operate and Optimize.

  • Facilitate

    We match the interest of all investors, contract partners and off-takers of renewable energy and the manufacturers. We facilitate the discussions and structure the contracts in a unique way, so the investments keep their bankability. This means that we work transparent and predicable resulting in maximum results.

  • Operate

    We take care of the operations of renewable energy assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) on behalf or together with the owners: starting from preparation and implementation to the operations and decommissioning.

  • Optimize

    By having grip on the operations, we can optimize. We keep track on the final goal: to maximize the short and midterm efficiency for our clients in the renewable energy marketplace.

  • Expertise

    Knowhow, is not a matter of copy-paste, but is being established over time. We continuously invest in our position as frontrunner in the market.  We have been doing that since 2008: we have learned many lessons from complex situations in harsh conditions.

    We develop and improve our way or working continuously, therefor we invest in training and education of our employees. We see them as carriers, users and developers of high-quality knowhow. Through this we can keep building on our IT infrastructure: with Big Data, Machine Learning and Digital Twins. We aim to automate all our knowledge and experience (organization learning).

  • Innovations

    We invest continuously in innovations. We have a modular method to structure and implement contracts, three times faster than any other contract party. We also have an unique IT – infrastructure. Through this we can adapt rapidly to fast changing circumstances and can automate repeating processes in an efficient way.

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